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1.22sI know we just met,
2.34sbut you seem like you're really good for our daughter.
1.8sReally? That's so great to hear.
4.35s(TAIL WAGGING) And risking your life for those kids?
3.04sYou're a good guy, Brian. A really good guy.
1.48sWow. Thanks.
4.12s(TAIL WAGGING) (THUMPING) What's that thumping noise?
1.5sIt's your tail. Stop wagging your tail.
2.03s(WHISPERS) I can't help it. Do something.
1.72s(GROANS) Oh, damn it.
1.8sI meant hold it, not cut it off.
1.87sYou weren't specific. I've never done this before.
1.22sAre you okay, Brian?
2.57sYeah, I'm just so happy to meet you both.
2.17s(GROANS) What the hell are you...
2.14sI'm cauterizing your tail. Trust me, I'm a nurse.
3.42s(WHIMPERING) Brian? What's going on over there?
1.84s(SNIFFS) I think they burned our dinner.
1.87sOh, God, it hurts. It hurts, Stewie.
1.9sHere's a little morphine.
1.48sWhat the hell? You're not gonna stick me with that thing.