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1.97sOh, my God! I am so, so sorry.
2.03sIt's no problem. Don't worry about it.
2.2s(SNIFFING) What's that smell?
1.84sIt smells like wet dog in here.
5.61sThat is the smell of backed up, unreleased genital essence.
2.54sAs I said, he's been an amazing gentleman.
1.38sUgh! I hate wet-dog smell.
1sMe, too.
1.7sYeah, we're a cat family ourselves.
1.37sYou wanna see some photos, Brian?
2.37sWe've got two Persians and a tabby.
2.12s(GROWLS) Are you okay?
2.17sOh, he's fine, he just has a little throat thing,
2.17sresidual smoke from the fire, you know?
2.15sWell, I'd like to propose a toast.
1.9sTo Brian and Kate.
1.22sI know we just met,