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4.3sGrandpa-Daddy-Husband, my belly hurts again.
3.22sOh, hi. You must be Kate. I'm Brian's nurse.
1.67sHe's had a little accident, I'm afraid.
2sOh, my God, Brian! Are you okay?
3.3sOh, don't worry. I'm fine. I'm just sort of bandaged up right now.
2.4sYou must be Kate's parents. It's so nice to meet you.
1.87sWell, it's lovely to meet you, too.
1.35sSo, what happened?
2.52sWhat happened is this one's a hero, is what happened.
2.55sRescued two children from a burning building.
1.13sCan you imagine?
1.97sNot quite in time, they were both horribly burned.
1.7sThey have that sort of creme brulee face going on now,
1.67sbut he saved their lives.