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3.37sAl? Yeah, Al. Last name Coholic.
4.3sLet me check. Phone call for Al-- Al Coholic.
2.37s...uh, jock Strap.
1.77sIs I.P. Freely here?
3.87sHey, is there a Butts here? Seymour Butts?
0.48sUh, Homer Sexual?
2.59sMike Rotch?
0.65sUh, Amanda Huggenkiss?
1.84sUh, Hugh jass?
2sIvana Tinkle?
3.1sI'm a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt,
4.04sand my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt?
2.02sNo, no, no!
3.94sNo, ask your heart what its fondest desire is.
4.77sHmm. Mmm. Chocolate.
2.94sMmm. Invisible cola.
2.92sMmm. Forbidden doughnut.
3.1sMmm. "Sacrilicious."
2.9sMmm. Snouts.