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2.67sOh. Brian? Where's Cheryl Tiegs?
1.57sWell, she's not coming.
2.24sI wrote you that because I knew you'd never come if it was me.
2.7sBut I planned a big night, and we're gonna have a great time.
2.7sBrian, Cheryl was the one that got away.
1.85sShe was the great love of my life.
3.57sI thought this was my chance to finally achieve some real happiness.
4.75sEver since she left, I've been chasing girls to fill the hole she made when she walked out.
1.58sNow I'm forever lost!
3.49sWell, I bet a thick, juicy steak could help fill that hole, huh?
1.7sOh, come on! It'll be great.
3.07sListen, Glenn, I want us to be friends.
5.31sI think we could be an even better team than Lewis and Clark and the guy who likes to rip up maps.
2.23sAll right, the Northwest Passage.
1.27sHey, could I see that?
1.7sDamn it! You ass!
2.18sEasy, Clark. I hate that guy!
1.67sIt's been a long trip. You're tired.