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1.73sJEFF: Where is she? QUAGMIRE: She's not here!
2.67sQUAGMIRE'S SISTER: Get out, Jeff! Just get out of here!
1.57sJEFF: I'll get out when I'm finished!
3.77s(THUDDING) You feel good about your sex joke earlier, Brian?
2.4sHe's savagely beating her again! You hear that?
1.2sYeah. I'm not deaf.
2.68sWhat? Like my brother? Boy, you have no class!
2.27sJEFF: Yeah, that's the guy's brother, man. QUAGMIRE'S SISTER: Yeah!
1.37sJEFF: Shut up, bitch!
1.45sHey, you know what they say.
2.37sSee a broad, to get that booty, yak them.
3.07sBOTH: Leg her down and smack them, yak them.
1.3sCold got to be.
3.6s(BOTH CHUCKLING) Shit. If you'll excuse me,
4.24sI'm gonna order me some cheap cognac and put it in a fancy glass.