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1.97sI slept with a black guy.
4.4sI hope this doesn't make you feel awkward, my man. It was a long time ago.
3.37sHey, that's a beautiful baby. Mind if I hold him?
1.27sGo right ahead.
1.27sHey there, little fellow.
1.33sWhat's that around your neck?
2.72sWell, I say! It's a little black Jesus.
6.76sWOMAN: Black Jesus I rode into town on an ass, yo mama's ass.
4.15sWOMAN: Black Jesus It was really good to see you, Lois.
2.27sWe should grab a coffee or something and catch up.
3.7sOh, that would be great. It was really nice to see you, too.
2.94sWell, it's getting late, Jerome. I'm sure you've got stuff to do.
6.14sYeah. I got to go down to the gas station and buy a framed painting of a tiger. Catch you all later.
2.2sYou're not really gonna hang out with him, Lois, are you?
3.3sWe're just friends, Peter. Don't tell me you're jealous.