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3.1sHere. My sister runs a day care center.
2.64sHmm. I guess a few weeks wouldn't hurt her.
2.84sMaggie is allergic to strained pears,
2.47sand she likes a bottle of warm milk before nap time.
2.33sA bottle?
3.72sMrs. Simpson, do you know what a baby's saying when she reaches for a bottle?
3.89sShe's saying, "I am a leech."
2.57sOur aim here is to develop the bottle within.
2.15sThat sounds awfully harsh.
3.75sMrs. Simpson, I don't like to toot my own horn...
3.3sbut we're the only day care center in town...
2.97sthat's not currently under investigation by the state.
2.77sOh. Well, be a good girl, Maggie.