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1.27sHow romantic!
1.97sWhy can't you find a nice girl?
1.4sMa, she's gonna dump hiM.
1.93sWell, at least he got that faR.
1.77sYou know who he took to the prom?
1.03sHis cousin!
1.4s- That's weak. - YEAh.
1.63sAll rigHt, All right, that's it!
1.3sI'm sick of both of you.
1.05sCome on, PeteR.
1.84sDeath, put your jacket on,
1.37sor you'll get frostbite!
1.27sI don't have skin!
2.07sTHat's beCause you didn't eat your beans!
1.07sComE on. Come on.
1.95sGet back in your big, fat body.
3.5sWhy should I help some guy save his marriage when I can't even get a girl?
1.23sWhoa, whoa, Whoa, wait!
1.02sWhat are you saying?
1.77sThe revelation, jackass!
2.37sIt could have helped you save your marriagE. OH!
0.92sBut too late.
1.29sOh, And, uh, by the way,
1.57swhen the lightning hit you,
2.13syou soiled yourself. Enjoy.