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1.4sWheRE The hell have you been?
2.95sWhen I said lunch, I said noon, not noon-isH.
1.27sSorry, MA.
3.17sSorry? Is "sorry" gonna reheat the casserole?
1.28sSo, Who's your frienD?
2.7sIt's a work thing, Ma. Near-death experiencE.
0.93sWhere are you going?
1.23sI gotta take a leak.
1.87sWell, don't forget to zip up your fly.
1.84sIf you don't zip up your fly,
1.87sa seagull will get you!
2.05sGod, she's a pain in the ass!
1.8sI wish Dad was still dead.
4.24sI'll tell you, Lois' dad was a pain in the ass when I met him.
1.55sHi. Can I take my tie off yet?
2.05sOh, Peter, you look so wonderful.
1.9syou aren't nervous about meeting Daddy are you?
1.52sOh, You'll know when I'm nervous.