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2.27s$1 million?
1.33s$1 million.
1.12sNo deal.
2sLois may be worth a million to you,
1.55sbut to me, she's worthless.
2.2sI love her, Mr. Pewterschmidt.
1.47sOh, Peter!
1.13sHoly crap!
3.07sBack then, I gave up $1 million just to be with Lois.
3.79sNow I won't even miss a lousy golf game to spend our anniversary togethER.
1.52sNo wonder she's gonna dump mE.
1.87sOr is she?
2.07sWait a minute. That's my revelation.
1.92sI gotta pay more attention to my wifE!
1.48sNow, come on back to the golf course.
1sI've got a date.
1.35sDeath, wait. Wait, wait.
2.89sBefore we go, I need you to do me one more favor.
2.13sPeter Frampton!
2.05sOh, No! God, please, no!
2sI'm too young to die!
3.17sAre you sure you're not supposed to be at Keith Richards's housE?
0.82sAll right.
4.77sIf you want to live, come with me and bring your guitar,
2sand bring that thing you use to makes it go