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3sHey, look! Somebody tried to break into the dirty-movie store.
2.34sBOY: Quick! Grab as many as you can before someone sees us.
2.77sDamn, I lost him. All right cats, back in the bag.
2.2sCome on, Fluffy. Come on, Mittens.
1.33sCome on, Paul.
4.04sWhat a ridiculous name for a cat.
3.24sPaul. That's a person's name!
2.14sA person's name.
3.7s(LAUGHING) Oh, Paul.
1.8sOh, man, this is gonna be great.
1.47sOh, are we watching a movie?
1.33sThe lab results are back.
2.37sYou've tested positive for nymphomania.
1.87sOh, no! What should I do?
2.67sTake two of these and call us in the morning.
3.3s(UNZIPPING) Well, now that's not going to help her nymphomania,
2.54sit's only going to exacerbate it.