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3.5sIn local news, a sexy new trend has emerged at James Woods High.
1.53sThat's right, Tom.
3.9sIt appears that students have taken to having ear sex in lieu of traditional intercourse.
3.44sOver 200 reports of ear sex have been confirmed so far,
3.5sprompting a new slogan, "Once you go black, you go deaf."
2.17sSounds like there's a pattern developing, Tom.
1.8sOh, a pattern developing?
9.34sWell, Diane, I guess you've learned a lot from staring lifelessly at TV reruns of CSI over the thrusting shoulders of whatever drifter you drag into your bedroom on whatever night CSI is on.
8.27sThursdays, Tom. And don't miss CSI, Thursday when Johnny Cluestein finds the secret fingerprints in the case... I've never seen the show.
1.37sBrian, I'll be right back.
3sI'm gonna use the little girls' room. All right, baby.
3.17s(GROANS) An entire week and still no teeth.
3.1sAnd it turns out these teeth I got from the old man are phony.
2.44sBrian... Brian, look, I'm Gary Busey.
3.74sI'm frequently aggressive in situations that don't call for it.
3.04s(JILLIAN RETCHING) What the hell is that?