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3.17sMeg, I still cannot believe what you and Doug did last night.
1.6sMom, you don't understand.
1.57sDoug and I are abstinent.
2.37sBut if we have sex in the ear, it doesn't count.
2.6sWe're still pure in the eyes of the Lord.
1.57sMeg, when I was your age,
3.87smy parents tried to feed me the same nonsense about premarital sex.
1.44sYou're lying to yourself.
1.2sWell, I don't care what you think.
2.23sDoug and I are part of the Opal Ring Crusade,
2.2sand this is how we choose to express our love.
4.7sLook, Meg. A, ear sex is just unnatural and B...
1.17sHow do I say this?
2.34sVaginal intercourse is...
2.17sIt's just tops.
2.1sIt's the bee's knees, Meg.
2.84sOh, when you rattle it around just right.