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3.2sA chastity belt? What in God's name is that for?
1.37sI'm abstinent, Lois.
2sIt's all in these pamphlets Meg brought home from school.
2.67sSex turns straight people gay and turns gays into Mexicans.
1.83sEveryone goes down a notch.
2.97sThis is nonsense. You can't force abstinence on kids.
2.84sLois, what possible harm can abstinence do?
1.9sMeg Griffin, we need to have a talk.
2.37s(GASPS) Mom!
2.74sOh, my God!
3.2sYou kids were doing it in the ear!
1.17sHey, my sandwich tastes funny.
1.2sIs there something wrong with the Smucker's?
1.67sPETER: Yeah, it's been on my penis.
3.17sMeg, I still cannot believe what you and Doug did last night.
1.6sMom, you don't understand.
1.57sDoug and I are abstinent.
2.37sBut if we have sex in the ear, it doesn't count.
2.6sWe're still pure in the eyes of the Lord.
1.57sMeg, when I was your age,
3.87smy parents tried to feed me the same nonsense about premarital sex.