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1.1sYou're right.
1.8sAre you thinking what I'm thinking?
1.53sOh, there it is. I see it.
2.5sYou know, Roy, I hope you play squash better than you pass.
1.8sWell, we'll find out this Saturday.
3.34sLOIS: All right, Peter, you ready for role-playing night?
4.3sHere comes Grimace, "You got some burgers I can steal, huh?"
2.1sLois, the Hamburglar steals burgers,
2.3sGrimace is Ronald MacDonald's retarded friend.
4.84sOh, come on, you love the dirty-talking Grimace. You...
2.64sPeter, what the hell is this? My chastity belt.
3.2sA chastity belt? What in God's name is that for?
1.37sI'm abstinent, Lois.
2sIt's all in these pamphlets Meg brought home from school.
2.67sSex turns straight people gay and turns gays into Mexicans.
1.83sEveryone goes down a notch.
2.97sThis is nonsense. You can't force abstinence on kids.
2.84sLois, what possible harm can abstinence do?