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4sAnd Man-E-Faces, you take center patrol since you have many faces.
1.87sWhat... What... Ahhh! Ahhh!
2.47sHey, hey, hey, hey, it's okay. It's morning.
2.94sIs it? Ha! I knew it, I scared her off.
2.24sYou might wanna check under your pillow.
2.37s(STEWIE GASPS) How did she get in?
3.4sShe must have been quieter than Britney Spears' dietician.
2.04s(IN QUIET VOICE) Easy on those trans-fats.
3.17sNot everything needs gravy.
3.04sYou know, there're some carrots down at the other end.
2.87sThat cheesecake was for everyone.
1.87sHer hand was right beneath my pillow.
2.14sShe could have snapped my neck if she had a mind to.
1.5sDon't worry about it.
1.37sI'm sure it will be a while before you lose another tooth.
1.33sI can't wait for that.
3.14sI have to lure her back on my terms and kill her myself.
3.84sBut to catch a fairy, I have to think like a fairy.
2.9sANNOUNCER: If you want Brian to say, "Well that'll be a stretch,"
2.1stext message FAMGUY1.