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1.57sThanks. My name's Doug.
1.03sI'm Meg.
2.27sNow, look, let's rap for a second.
1.3sHe's sitting informally like us.
1.33sLet's hear what he has to say.
1.77sJefferson High is our rival.
3.4sSure, sex is fun, but you can't have it before you're married.
1.7sEven if you use a condom.
3.34sBecause not only do condoms fail 100 percent of the time,
2.14sthey're also majorly unsafe.
3.74sHey, you wouldn't put a plastic bag over your grandmother's head would you?
1.6sSTUDENT: No.
2.34sAnd that's why we're gonna be handing out these opal rings.
4.54sThese rings are a symbol of your commitment to refrain from sex until you're married.
1.87sSo, what do you say? Who wants to be joyful?
1.5sWho wants to be pure?
2.24sWho wants to be abstinent?
2.07sWow, he makes so much sense.
2.13sI know, he's a visionary.
2.74sLike Gandhi or Mozart or Picasso.