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1.7sHey, watch out, crazy driver.
1.87sThat joker must have been from Jefferson High.
2.1s(ALL LAUGHING) They're our rivals.
2.44sWell, here we are at the make out point.
3.04sYeah, you wanna go all the way? Freeze!
2.9sNow, who can tell me what Matthew just did wrong?
3.3sI mean, besides not running over that yahoo from Jefferson High.
1.57sThey're our rivals.
2.24sHe's wrong because he wants to have sex, and he's not married.
1.4sWow, you're pretty smart.
1.57sThanks. My name's Doug.
1.03sI'm Meg.
2.27sNow, look, let's rap for a second.
1.3sHe's sitting informally like us.
1.33sLet's hear what he has to say.
1.77sJefferson High is our rival.
3.4sSure, sex is fun, but you can't have it before you're married.