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2.8sWe're all protesting the Sex Ed class that's being taught to our children.
2.07sMrs. Griffin, I'm sorry to have to tell you this,
3.2sbut the school board has voted to cancel your Sex Ed class.
3.2sLook, Principal Shepherd, I know my husband acted inappropriately.
1.7sOh, it's not because of your husband.
3.04sIt's because you're teaching those kids about condoms.
2.97sWhat? That's ridiculous.
3.27sThese students have the right to information about safe sex.
2.1sWell, these parents don't think so.
2.44sI'm sorry, Mrs. Griffin, you're fired.
2.37sFired! Oh, no!
1.37sI can't believe they fired you.
2sCan't you go down to the school and try to reason with them?
2.13sNo, I'm banned from school property.
2.24sThe PTA doesn't want me around their children.
3.84sWell, Lois, I think you did the right thing by trying to inform these kids about safe sex,
2.34sand if the parents don't like it, that's their loss.
3.8sThat's the problem, though, it isn't their loss, it's the kids' loss.