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3.84sLois, you think I'm going to miss a chance to share my knowledge with these fresh, young minds? Forget it.
2.2sI've missed too many other opportunities.
1.37sThere he is. Took you long enough.
1sJust what we need.
2.24sHey, guys, I'm coming in.
1s- Oh, no! - Oh, no!
1.17sOh, God!
2.44sOh, boy! I am not going to hear the end of this.
1.33sYou jackass! Now you've done it!
3.17sI know I don't fit here, but I'm just gonna settle right in.
1.2sAll right, Peter, you can stay,
2.4sbut remember, this is my class.
3.87sNow, there are a number of natural ways that males and females interact.
1.94sThat's right! Allow me to demonstrate.
1.2sHey, Rainbow Brite.
1.5sHello, Shakespeare.
2.6sI am all done writing plays for the day.
2.2sPerhaps we could have sexual intercourse.
1.17sCount me in!