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2.2sMaybe, I'll use two condoms at the same time.
2.6sWhy would you do that? Oh, I mean, just one, just one.
1.93sDoug, my mom's right.
3.2sIf we really care about each other, it's okay to have sex.
4.1sWe'll be safe, we'll use a condom, and it'll be wonderful.
2.27sWow, does this mean I'll see you naked?
2.54sYeah. Oh, boy, I can't wait.
1.8sI'm sorry Doug dumped you, honey.
1.7sIt's all your fault.
3.1s(SOBBING) I'm proud of you, sweetheart.
2.43sMe, too, Lois, you stood up for what you believe in.
2.37sI just wish I could have been there to hear the speech you made.
1.53sYou think you could give me a little taste?
1.74sANNOUNCER: If you want to hear Lois' speech,
1.9stext message FAMGUY1.
2sIf you wanna hear Meg talk about her day,
1.7stext FAMGUY2.
2.33sIf you wanna give Cleveland his first line of the episode,
1.53stext FAMGUY3.
1sEnter now.