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3.24sPaul. That's a person's name!
2.14sA person's name.
3.7s(LAUGHING) Oh, Paul.
1.8sOh, man, this is gonna be great.
1.47sOh, are we watching a movie?
1.33sThe lab results are back.
2.37sYou've tested positive for nymphomania.
1.87sOh, no! What should I do?
2.67sTake two of these and call us in the morning.
3.3s(UNZIPPING) Well, now that's not going to help her nymphomania,
2.54sit's only going to exacerbate it.
1.7sOh, my God, what are you kids doing?
1.57sOut! Everybody out!
3.07sALL: Oh! STEWIE: Oh! That's bogus.
1.03sChris, what is this?
1.67sGenital Hospital.
2.67sYes, and it's inappropriate for someone your age.
1.4sNow, if you're curious about sex,
1.43syou should talk to your Sex Ed teacher.
1.3sWe don't have one.
2.47sThe principal cut Sex Ed class to save money.
2.2sWhat? Well, that's crazy!
3.17sWithout Sex Ed, kids can wind up sexually confused.
1.97sJust look at Michael Jackson.
2.14sThe kid in me likes the frosted side.
3.54sBut the grown-up in me likes the kid in me.