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1.2sIt's Stewie, by the way.
3.14sJust to check in, make sure everything's going well with you and Brian.
1.83sIt's going kick-ass!
1.83sWell, you look fantastic.
1.23sLots of meat on your bones.
1.47s- Which is great. - What?
1.37sOh, just saying you look jolly.
2.77sLike Ruben Studdard or John Goodman or Santa.
1.4sOh, my God!
1.5sAre you saying I'm fat?
1.03sNo, I'm saying Santa's thin...
1.77s- Get in there and throw up! - Oh!
2.84sExcellent! Now, I'm prepared to fight the tooth fairy.
3.4sJust like Geri fought comedy on The Facts of Life.
1.77sHey, Blair did you find a purse at the mall?
1.97sActually, I found seven.
3.74s(AUDIENCE LAUGHING) One for every day of the week.
2.1sLOIS: I'm wide awake, Peter.
1.5sYou wanna mess around?
2.33sLois, you know I'm abstinent.
3.14sCome on, can't you break your stupid pledge for one night?