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2.97sWith Babs, I usually finish in my hand and just throw it at her.
1.3sLook, relax, will you?
4.07sHere, I got these off a website that tells you good things to say when hot women walk by.
3.37sHere comes a hot one. Say the first thing on the list.
3.9sI love getting trendy cupcakes in the middle of the day for no reason.
1.67sNo way. So do I.
1sHi. I'm Paula.
1sCarter. How do you do?
2.65sHey, why don't you and your friend come join us over at our table?
2.84sPeter Griffin. How do you do? (CHUCKLING PLAYFULLY)
1.8sWe would love to.
2.8sHey, girls, these are my two new friends.
1.38sHello, ladies. My name is Carter,
2.77sand I require a tremendous amount of calcium.
2.65sCarter, come here. Sit next to me.
2.3sThis is fun. We're having fun.
1.27sHey, what do you say we get some drinks?
1.52sHey, boy. Boy,
1.64sfetch me a John Barrymore and soda,