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6.94sWell, on your mark, get set, terrible. (LAUGHS) No, no, but I understand that this is bad.
1.77sYou stupid fat bastard!
2.7sHow could you tell her I had an affair? We had a deal!
2.15sLook, I think you're blowing this out of proportion, Carter.
1.32sShe's divorcing me!
1.57sWell, I don't blame her.
1.78sDaddy, how could you do this to Mom?
1.63sYou two were perfect together.
2.1sIt was such a close marriage.
3.19sYou know, maybe the two of you splitting up is a blessing in disguise.
2.6sI mean, there are obviously some problems in your relationship.
2.93sWho knows, maybe some time apart could be just what you need.
2.92sYeah, plus think of all the fun stuff you can do as a single guy.
5.1sLike going to loud, awful bars and not being able to hear the mediocre-looking chick next to you say something stupid.