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1.9sCould you have accommodated an owl?
1.92sWell, I suppose there's some room in the owlery,
1.57sbut I can't be certain.
1.22sI'll take that as a yes.
2.17sYou owe Dr. Hoo an apology.
1.03sHey, can we change the channel?
1.6sI'm tired of watching Old Ships.
2.2sPeter, that's not a TV, it's a painting.
1.9sActually, Lois, it is a TV.
2.57sIt's the PBS show Old Ships.
1.88sGod, I hate PBS.
9.68sANNOUNCER: This PBS program is brought to you by generous grants from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in association with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting,
4.24swith additional funding by Archer Midland Whiteman Colgate Palmolive Exxon Mobil,
3.07sand a 20 I found in a blazer I wore to a wedding last year.
3.5sTonight, on Ken Burns' nine-part series on street signs,