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2.34s"Find your own beach house, crabby.
1.97s"Put that in your office and frame it."
1.3sThe last one's kind of lame.
1.2sDid you get down to the one at the bottom there?
2.64sWhich one? "On your mark, get set, terrible."
1.2sNo, this one here.
1.9s"If you've got a problem, take it up with my butt.
2.34s"He's the only one that gives a crap."
1.53s- Oh, my God! That's it. - Yeah.
1.37sThat's the one. I thought you'd like...
1.07sYou are...
1.3sLOIS: Peter, dinner.
1.2sTake it up with my butt,
2.2s'cause he's the only one who gives a crap.
2.43sLOIS: Wow, what a great sentence.
4.59sYou know, Lois, I've noticed Peter and Carter spending a lot of time together lately.
2.1sIt's nice to see them finally getting on.
2.2sI know. Who would have thought?
1.63sPETER: Boy, I can't wait to get this home.
2.29sYou know, I keep not laughing at The Big Bang Theory,
2.47sand I figure it's got to be the television, you know?
1.57sTV this size, forget it.