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2.44sJust turn the "M's" upside down and send them down here!
2.57sMAN: You can't just do that! There's a lot of paperwork before you can...
1.27sI don't care! I'll take the heat!
2.3sJust turn them over and send them down!
2.02sMr. Pewterschmidt, you're having an affair?
2.14sWhy don't you say it a little louder, you idiot?
2.55sBut I thought sailors only slept with little buoys.
4.07s(SQUAWKING) Knock it off! Now look, Peter, I... Shut up!
2.7sNow, Peter, you can't... Damn it all, shut up!
1.4sLook what you did, you jackass!
1.33sWhat? I didn't mean to...
1.4sStop it! It liked my joke.
1.73sIt won't shut up.
3.37s(DIALING) Yes, get me the owlery, please.
1.97sRelease the owls.