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9.08sWell, everybody knows that the bird is the word Peter, I kind of want to do this on my own.
2.65sBabs, I need you.
3.27sCheating on you was the worst mistake of my life.
4.02sI kneel before you a frightened soul and a broken man.
1.95sA man who has nothing without you.
1.5sGive me one more chance,
4.04sand I pledge to place above you nothing, not even myself,
2.89sfor all my time here, and for time forever.
1.6sPlease, I beg you.
3.54sCarter, what you did was unforgivable.
3.07sAnd as beautiful as your words are,
3.17sI just don't know that they can fix what's done.
2.52sI know I can't do it overnight,