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2.47sOh, I am too, Rodginald.
1.28sDo you think perhaps one day,
3.34sif we should marry, that I could sit beside you?
2.44sYes, I think that would be fine.
2.19sGet away from my wife, you rascal!
3.1sSuch language in the presence of a lady.
3.1sIf it's a row you want, I will cleave you in twixt!
2.97sHang on, Carter, I think I know how to take this guy down.
1.64sPenis. (GROANS)
2.45sCarter, get out of here this instant!
2.43sI don't ever want to see you again.
1.5sPussycup, please.
3.1sMrs. Pewterschmidt, Carter has something important to say to you.
2.07sI'll set the mood.
2.17sBird, bird, bird
13.05sBird's the word Bird, bird, bird Bird's the word Well, don't you know about the bird?