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4.24swith additional funding by Archer Midland Whiteman Colgate Palmolive Exxon Mobil,
3.07sand a 20 I found in a blazer I wore to a wedding last year.
3.5sTonight, on Ken Burns' nine-part series on street signs,
1.84s"Part Four: Yield."
1.9sMAN: Before they had the sign,
2.13speople just run into each other.
2.34sI don't know, maybe you had to see the first three to get this,
1.87sbut I am completely lost.
2.45sLois, you said there would be other men my own age here.
1.5sBut there aren't, and I'm bored.
1.5sLook, Peter,
1.63swhy don't you just grab a book off the shelf and be quiet?
1.9sNo! Books are jerks.
1.38sStop acting like a brat.
1.73sWhat about a picture book?
1.57sOnly if it has a mirror at the end of it,
2.62sand it says, "How about you?"
3.45sWow, look at these old photos of you and Dad.
3.12sThis must be around the time you guys were first dating, huh?
1.87sOh, dear, yes.
2.88sYour father was so handsome back then.