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2.55sYou got a room full of chicks like that and you're thinking about Babs?
2.13sShe looks like someone farted in a shoe.
4.1sI had a moment of weakness, but I know now that I was wrong.
2.4sI need her, Peter. I love her.
2.29sYou got to help me get her back.
1.37sWell, it's probably the right move anyway.
1.7sThose girls seemed kind of annoying.
2.57sLook at them over there taking a group picture together.
1.13sI love you!
1.13sI love you!
1.73sWe're all such good friends!
3.15sYou can tell by the way we're pressing our faces together.
2.8sAnd that's where fat girls come from.
3.49sOkay, Carter, if there's one thing girls like, it's a guy with tattoos.
2.54sWhen Babs sees this one, she's totally gonna take you back.
1.6sNice. What's the tattoo?
1.6sIt's great. It's a donkey's vagina.
6.27s(STAMMERS) How is that gonna... (BRAYING) (SCREAMING) Peter, stop him!
2.4sNo, this is good. This means I did a good job.