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1.52sHey, boy. Boy,
1.64sfetch me a John Barrymore and soda,
1.77sand three Myrna Loys for the women.
1.95s- (WOMEN GASP) - Excuse me?
1.93sWhat the hell is your problem, you jerk?
2.92sWhat? Does he belong to somebody else?
3.24sCome on, girls, let's ditch this racist dick.
1.87sWhat happened? Did we get laid?
1.45sYou jackass.
1.73sThose women were coming on to you and you blew it.
2.63sNow we got to go to another club and start all over again.
2.44sPeter, I don't want to go to another club.
2.17sI don't want women like that.
2.57sI want Babs.
2.55sYou got a room full of chicks like that and you're thinking about Babs?
2.13sShe looks like someone farted in a shoe.
4.1sI had a moment of weakness, but I know now that I was wrong.