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5.11sI think it's time someone sits his kerfluffin' down and has a talk with his unemployed son.
4.69sIf Peter needs to talk he'd best go to confession to beg forgiveness for all his failings!
1.35sHave a glorious day.
3.2sPeter, How can you just sit there and let him talk like that?
2.95sAw, He's right, Lois. I am no good.
1.5sEven my own dad doesn't love me.
1.45sFace it. I'm going to Hell.
1.37sWow, Adolf Hitler,
2.15sAl Capone, John Wilkes Booth.
1.7sHey, what are you doing here?
6.52sI killed a hooker. She made a crack about me being faster than a speeding bullet so I ripped her in half like a phone book.
1.94sYes, the fat man's going to Hell.
2sAnd from the looks of his midsection,
1.93she'll burn like a tire dump for all eternity.
1.72sOh! I love God!
2.2sHe's so deliciously evil.
1.27sStewie, eat your oatmeal.
1.73sHoney, you're a wonderful husband,
3.37sa loving father, and, for some reason I'll never understand,
1.77sa very devoted son.
1.88sThat's a nice thought, Lois, but sadly,