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1.35sBestiality is a sin.
2.12sI'm not sure how that came up exactly,
2.12sbut me and Dad have never been closer.
2.08sHaving him at the factory is the best...
1.73sI got it. I got it...
1.47sHey Peter, Your dad stinks.
3.17sI'm working triple shifts and I'm still not Employee of the Week.
2.49sHow am I supposed to compete with that?
2.03sHey, Where is he anyway?
1.42sWell, This'll be for my 4th birdie.
1.93sLooks like someone's in the zone.
1.47sTough break there, Jesus.
2.12sYup. Or was it?
1.37sWhoop! Whoop! Whoop!
1.25sBack to work, all of you!
1.55sWhat's going on here?
5.07sUh, Dad, some of the guys think that since you took over, work is no fun.
1.9sWork's not supposed to be fun.
0.85sWhy not?
1.73sWhy not? Why not?
1.37sThat's Satan talking!
2.84sYou're a failure as a worker and as a father!
2.29sNow wait a minute. I may not be perfect,
3.95sbut At least I love my kids enough not to spend every minute of the day working!