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3.34sAny of you kids want to see a dead body?
1.7sOoh, Ah! Wait here, Dad.
1.28sHey, Mr. Weed?
3.67sUm, Listen, I was wondering if you might have a job for my dad.
3.19sYour father? He must be a man of at least 70.
1.67sOh, yeah. But he's in great shape.
1.45sExcept his prostate.
1.38sAt 2:00 a.m. last night,
1.92sI thought a horse was using the bathroom.
1.38sAll finished. What's next?
1.28sAw, dad.
1.82sYou did my whole day's work in 5 minutes.
2.34sWe should sell you to the circus, you freak!
1.9sI've never seen such productivity.
1.35sHow is this possible?
1.68sI'll tell you how it's possible.
2.82sBecause this man always put his job before everything else.
2.24sHis wife, his health, even his own son.
1.87sEspecially his own son.
1.58sI need hear no more.
2.03sEveryone, this is your new shop foreman.