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0.95sI don't get it, Lois.
2.49sBaseball's always been the secret to male bonding.
3.32sIt even worked for Rosie O'Donnell and his father in A League of Their Own.
5.07sPeter, I hate to say this but it doesn't seem like your dad is interested in bonding with you.
1.93sAll he cares about is work.
1.67sWait a second. Work!
1.58sThat's what'll bring us together.
1.87sWe can start our own father-son business.
2.07shey! What are you doing with all them bathtubs,
1.07syou heathen dummy?
1.84sPop, why you gotta be like that?
3.32sWe cut 'em in half, stick a Virgin Mary in them and sell them as shrines.
1.03sThat's my boy.
2.04sAt least, that's what your mama always told me.
3.97sNow give me a hug before I give you a knuckle sandwich.
4.34sOr you could just get your father a job with you at the toy factory.
1.52sThat's an even better idea!
1.3sLois, you're a genius.
2.84sNow give me a hug before I give you a knuckle sandwich.
1.38sAh! Ah!
1.47sPeter, I can't hug you.
1.2sCut it out. Now, Peter,
1.5sI'm serious. Peter!
2.54sAnd this is the nerve center of the whole factory,