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1.37sDad, my God, are you ok?
2.75sDon't be using the Lord's name in vain!
1.83sHe's ok! Thank God!
2.37sIt seems he broke into the old mill after hours.
1.74sWe found him working on a kick press.
3.14sDad, you left the ball game with me to go work in a mill?
1.2sYes! I want to work!
1.45sI want my job back!
1.73sBut, Dad, you're retired.
1.5sI'd rather be dead.
1.55sdead? I'll tell you what's dead.
1.28sVaudeville. You know what killed it?
1.47sthe Talkie pictures.
1.7sBut you can still make it. You just gotta have a gimmick.
0.98sI, for one, am a tumbler.
1.75sHere, watch my round off. Oh!
3.74sHey, kiddo, be a sport. Take the pills out of my pocket and put one under my tongue.
0.95sI don't get it, Lois.
2.49sBaseball's always been the secret to male bonding.
3.32sIt even worked for Rosie O'Donnell and his father in A League of Their Own.
5.07sPeter, I hate to say this but it doesn't seem like your dad is interested in bonding with you.
1.93sAll he cares about is work.
1.67sWait a second. Work!
1.58sThat's what'll bring us together.