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1.4sMrs. Lipstein, I have bad news.
1.1sThe tumor is malignant.
1.85sI'm afraid you only have 6 months to live.
1.97sOh, my God!
1.73sGot milk?
1.53sHey, Listen up, everybody.
2.18sYour Grandpa Griffin is finally retiring.
1.35sGrandpa Griffin?
4.34sIs he that Guy that smells like firewood and has big, gray pussywillows in his ears?
1.83sChris, that's a terrible word.
2.59sMy dad worked at that mill for 60 years.
1.82sThat's almost 80 years.
3.39sTomorrow night they're throwing a big dinner and we're all gonna be there to honor him.
1.64sWhy? We barely know him.
1.8sYeah. How come he never visits us?
5.29sWell, Kids, your grandfather has never been comfortable with the fact that I'm not Catholic.