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1.65sHe just left without saying anything?
1.2sWhere would he go?
1.85sI don't know. I asked him to buy me
1.2ssome peanuts and cracker jacks.
2.43sI don't care if he ever gets back.
2.37sI wasn't being cute. I really hope he's dead.
5.5sWell, Tom, the city of Boston is examining its conscience tonight in preparation for a visit from the Pope.
2.6sThat's right, Diane. I'll tell you what else will be examined,
1.27sthis cock.
4.67sYes, The Rhode island Cock Society Will be sponsoring free check-ups for this year's Cock Awareness Week.
1.87sI don't know why they went the suggestive name.
2.57sThey could've just as easily gone with "rooster." Diane?
2.14sI'm telling you. Something must've happened to him.
3.99sHe's probably hurt, or lost, or--or--or shanghaied by pirates!
4.59sThat renegade pirate ship captained by the ruthless Peg Leg Swantoon!
1.3sPeter, calm down.
1.77sIt's his first night of retirement.