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1.63sI know what you're doing in there,
0.88sand it's a sin!
2.72sIf you ever do it again, you'll burn in Hell!
2.64sBut I do it every day. Sometimes twice.
1.3sMark my words, lad.
2.17sYou may think you're alone in there, but God's watching.
1.87sDon't do it again!
2.23sGod's watching me do number 2?
2.94soh, man. I'm a sinner, and God's a pervert.
1.23s- Megan! - Aah!
0.87sHow was school?
1.32sUh, Good.
1.72sKevin walked me home.
1.18sHe lives next door.
1.3sHe lives next door...
1.37sto a harlot!
2.03sGrandpa, we were just holding hands.
4.07sIt'll be easy for him to take your hand when God strikes your sinful heart with leprosy.
1.7sHe can take it right home with him!
1.93sLord, it's great to see you kids.