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2.67sWow! And that's from the freakin' Pope!
2sSo I guess you were wrong about me, Dad.
1.62sI was wrong all right.
1.18sStand by, boys.
2.27sI was wrong about you!
2.22sYou've gone soft on me, Holy Father!
3.05sEven a tambourine-shaking Baptist could tell this boy's no good!
1.97sAre you calling me a liar?
1.22sWhoa, easy, Pontiff.
2.12sBecause I'll excommunicate your sorry--
1.27sOk, time out.
2.55sOh! I have never met such an infuriating man!
1.7sYou must have the patience of a saint.
2.6sWell, he's my dad. And I just want him to love me.
2.62sPeter, how could you say such a thing?
1.9sI love you with all me heart.
0.93sYou do?
0.75sOf course.
1.7sI just don't like you.
1.57sI don't like anything about you!
2.79sOh, Keep playing. I think this is as good as it's gonna get.
2.59sDad, to be honest, I don't like you either.
1.88sAw, Jeez, that's a terrible thing to say.
1.93sI guess I am going to Hell.
2.47sPeter, The good Lord said to honor thy father.
2.37sHe never said anything about liking him.