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2.48sLook, Cubert. The neck on this one.
2.67sI bet he spent a fortune on ties!
1.75sWhat, too soon?
5.27s(SNORTS) I highly doubt a Jurassic elaphrosaurid had access to neckwear.
3.97sI knew I should have gone with the ring-around-the-collar joke.
2.3sHey, look! I found a robot fossil!
2.92sThat's a bedspring, you dumb bedspring!
2.1sThere are no robot fossils.
2.28sWhat? Who says I didn't evolve?
3.85sRobots were created quite recently. It was in all the papers.
2.1sThen explain this!
4.59s(DIGGING) FARNSWORTH: I've hit a rich vein of missing links.
4.34sJava man, Piltdown man, Manfred Mann.
2.07s(GASPS) Eureka!
2.74sIt's the elusive missing missing link.