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3.69sfor no one has found the link between apes and this Homo erectus.
2.99sYes, they have! It's called Homo habilis.
4.84sBut no one has found the missing link between ape and this so-called Homo habilis.
1.27sYes, they have!
2.54sIt's called Australopithecus africanus!
1.8sOh-ho! I've got you now.
2.97sFair enough, but where, then, is the missing link
2.64sbetween apes and this Darwinius masillae?
1.98sAnswer me that, Professor!
4.95s(EXCLAIMS) Okay, granted, that one missing link is still missing,
3.29sbut just because we haven't found it doesn't mean it doesn't exist!
4.2s(EXCLAIMS) Things don't exist simply because you believe in them.
3.09sThus sayeth the Almighty Creature in the Sky!