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4.09sI admit that what you witnessed may have been some form of evolution.
2.54sI'm glad you agree, Dr. Banjo.
3.72sEvolution set in motion by a wise and all-knowing creator.
3.22s(CHUCKLES) Well, I don't know about all-knowing.
2.72sAnd I admit it's possible, however unlikely,
5.82sthat some wise and all-knowing alien monster set evolution in motion here on Earth.
2.62sOh, oh, and the creator could also be a robot.
3.63s(SCOFFS) Then who built this so-called creator robot?
2.43sSome magical bearded robot in the sky?
2.65sI guess that would be stupid. Never mind.
1.39sThen it's settled.
4.24sFinally, a world in which I'm happy to raise my son.
2.1sGood, 'cause I'm sick of him.
5.56s(ALL LAUGHING) I'm serious. He's a terrible person.