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2.33sThanks, Dad. That means a lot to me.
4.13sSo do you think you might see your way clear to moving back in with your ma and me?
3.8sSorry. No can do. I'm taking off for six months to join the Skewed Tour.
1.7sSkewed Tour?
3.37sThe traveling festival of rock and roll, skateboarding and extreme sports?
0sAnd nipple piercing.
1.56sDont worry. They're clip-ons.
3.83sBehold the delightful unicorn I got at the face-painting pavilion.
2.83sDude, that was a tattoo parlor.
2.66s- He's suffered enough. - Yeah.
1.02sBut on the other hand-
1.7sJust a reminder, people.
2.59sIf you’re getting bogus returns on your investments...
2.03scontact Goldman Sachs...
2.66sthe Skewed financial planners.
2.56sUp next on the half-pipe, boarding legend Tony Hawk!