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2.26sNo more Baby Stink Breath!
2.63sThanks to the Baby So Fresh tri-patch system.
2.83sThese soothing chemical patches aiteryour baby's DNA...
2.3swhile leaving the R NA. untouched.
0.97sA w]
0.93sf Chuckiing]
1.63sNot safe for babies under two.
3.33sYou’re Baby Stink Breath! You’re Baby Stink Breath!
1.16sEn francais.
1.8sVous étes i 'entant Stink Breath!
3.99sHow could you make me Baby Stink Breath and not even tell me?
2.9sl was going to tell you on my deathbed.
2.83sHoney, you did have a great time doing those commercials...
1.63sand you made a lot of money.
1.16sI did? Where is it?
2.76sYour father invested it in a college trust fund...
1.97swhich today must be worth a f-
1.52sLa la la la la la la!
2.73sOf course, the stock market's been down lately.