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2.8sf Gasps f What horrible breath!
3.66sw' He's the baby whose mouth smells iike death]
2.8sw' Run for your iife ts Baby Stink Breath 4;!
2.09sf Sinister Laughing f
1.37sf Panting f
5.94sOh, my God! That's mel This isnt "Bart Sad." ts "Bats Ad."
1.66sWait. I was in a commercial?
2.23sI dont remember this at all.
2.26sNo more Baby Stink Breath!
2.63sThanks to the Baby So Fresh tri-patch system.
2.83sThese soothing chemical patches aiteryour baby's DNA...
2.3swhile leaving the R NA. untouched.
0.97sA w]
0.93sf Chuckiing]
1.63sNot safe for babies under two.
3.33sYou’re Baby Stink Breath! You’re Baby Stink Breath!
1.16sEn francais.