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1.63sWould you?
1.9sLet's go, Phil.
4.24sTrue or false: You can get mono from riding the monorail.
3.1sMmm, false. No, wait. Maybe it's true.
1.65sNo, you were right. It's false.
4.74sWow. You really are gonna be a monorail conductor. That's right, boy.
1.58sYou know, I used to think you were stuck...
2.4sin an emasculating, go-nowhere job.
3.85sBut now, I wanna follow in your footsteps.
2.02sDo you want to change your name to Homer junior?
2.27sThe kids can call you Hoju.
1.74sI'll get back to you.
2.25sCome on! Keep it comin'!
2.57sOver. Over.
3.3sMm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Hi, Homer!
2.5sOh, I hate that sound.
4.12sAccording to this book, the monorail goes over 150 miles an hour.
2.23sWhat if something goes wrong? What if?